We are offering Murano glass jewelry made ​​by glass masters of Venice in Italy. a wide choice of shapes and colors pendants , bracelets , necklaces .

Our business and our origins

Our goal is to make you discover new talented designers and their products that we believe quality really deserves your interest.


Offering you creativity and originality associated with the best quality is our goal, the items will be offered at the best price for us to leave a reasonable margin to the creator.


We are not arrested on a type of product, but follow the trends of the market.


Our European roots bring a richness, a cultural openness and broad vision of human and artistic origins.

The spirit of the team

A desire to offer synonyms creations of expertise and modernity.

The spirit of service quality for our customers.


But especially pleased to offer beautiful things.

our collections

Our guideline: creativity, personality, quality, accessibility.

The proposed collections offer a real diversity, allowing everyone to customize their style with jewelry and accessories.

The relationship of trust with our "creative partners" is at the heart of our concept. This specificity allows us to guarantee you high quality products with excellent finishes and at very reasonable prices.


Each product is unique, some items may be temporarily unavailable. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to get it for you as soon as possible!

Collection Venice Murano jewelry