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    GENUINE BROWN AND SILVER MURANO GLASS NECKLACE Small mesh necklace silver beads associated with real Murano glass, round, square and rectangular colourful brown . These pearls have an inclusion of silver foil giving them a beautiful shine and lustre. Only Hypoallergenic material is used. This necklace will surprise you with its quality and beauty.

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    Murano glass necklace Shaped glass beads cubes of different colors, these cubes contain inclusions of gold leaf and silver all separated by small beads Wire hollow gold. Finish fasteners gold plated Antiallergic

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    Beautiful hanging loops attached to the nail -shaped flower petal . The pearl is a slightly twisted pink round tablet with pink stripes along its contour. the wire is gold enhanced  with small silver glass beads

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    GENUINE MURANO GLASS NECKLACE Necklace composed with oval beads in amber glass with inclusions of gold leaf, alternating a set of six rice -shaped beads beans Murano glass multicolour in shades . Simple necklace round Murano glass , hollow gold wire Only hypoallergic materials are used

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Collection of Murano glass jewelry

Venetian glass creations handmade

Genuine Murano glass jewels from Venice

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Murano necklace, Murano bracelet, murano earrings

Murano jewelry, Murano necklace, Murano bracelet, murano earrings

Murano jewelry, Murano necklace, Murano bracelet, murano earrings

Since 2010 when we have founded our online store SunTradition to sell  Murano glass jewelry we strive to take a lot of fun, but above all to give you pleasure.

To continue in this spirit and to offer you a range of Murano glass even more important in future years we are professionalizing and modernizing our site, translating it in several languages ​​which allows to widen our visibility.

Our goal is to place at your disposal the finest jewelry and Murano glass products at the most competitive price.

We are working to make our shop viable over the long term and provide sufficient income for our designers allowing them to offer you an artistic glass at the highest quality.

This partnership with the creators of Murano glass is the key of our success.

We would like to thank our lovable clientele for their loyalty that have allowed us to move on to new future adventures together.

This site is dedicated to all of you, again and again we continue to try to surprise you and share this pleasure.

 A great THANK YOU from the SunTradition team.