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    Have you ever thought to customize a piece of furniture or a closet door by changing the buttons ! It is easy and it allows you to radically change the look of your furniture by giving it a personalized touch The buttons that we offer are equipped with a screw breakable. This allows you to adapt the screw to the thickness of the wood.

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    Red bottle cap with inclusion of original silver foil Murano glass, perfect for filling your bottles of wine, champagne or your decanters.stylish cap that will charm your guests and brighten your table.Product made entirely in Italy.

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    NEW COLLECTION NECKLACE RED LOVEPretty pendant flush red Murano glass neck with inclusion of gold leaf,pearl heart-shaped red Murano glass Hypoallergenic clasps A perfect jewel for lovers Delivered in a quality box, a jewel ready to offer.

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    Green and blue transparent glass earrings with black and blue swirl and silver leaf inclusion in Murano glass.The 5-faceted hexagonal bead is split into two colors high green and blue low, all is surmounted by a silver collarHooks in silver Jewel using only hypoallergenic materials Comes in a quality box ready to offer (see photo). A jewel gift ready to...

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    NECKLACE GLASS MURANO GOLD JEWEL OF VENICE Necklace a long necklace made of small mesh gold in the long version, the glass beads have an inclusion of gold leaf using aventurine (glittered natural glass) giving it a beautiful glow. This necklace has the label artistic glass of Murano. Necklace mounted on a hollow gold wire with steel core, 925 silver 24K...

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    Pearl - coloured octagonal in glass of Murano with inclusion of gold leaf  Simple necklace with round Murano glass, thread of gold hollow Necklace mounted on a hollow gold wire with steel core, 925 silver 24K gold-plated fasteners. Jewel using only materials hypoallergenic Delivered in a box quality. Willing to offer.

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    Rectangular Murano glass bead bracelet 25 mm x 12 mm with silver leaf inclusion and rhinestones collar of brilliants.Bracelet holding by elasticity of the core of the wire surrounded by black jewelry rubber.

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    Murano glass multicolored cubic beads necklace Beads of glass in the shape of cubes of different colors, these cubes contain inclusions of leaves of gold , and of silver, all separated by small beads Assembly of a hollow gold wire with a steel core. Finishing of the gold plated fasteners Jewel using only materials hypoallergenic Delivered in a box...

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Murano glass jewellery from Venice

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Genuine Murano glass jewels from Venice

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I'm delighted to take this opportunity to invite you to discover the sparkling world of Murano jewellery. Our collection has captured the hearts of lovers of beautiful things the world over. The unique brilliance of these jewels, carefully crafted by talented artisans, has brought a touch of elegance to our customers' everyday lives.

The strong sales we have experienced are testament to the exceptional appeal of our Murano jewellery. We are deeply grateful to our customers, whose trust has contributed to our success. Each piece of jewellery is a work of art, combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary creativity, and reflecting the precious heritage of Murano.

But this success is just one chapter in our ever-evolving story. We are delighted to share with you our latest projects, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and innovation. Thanks to the trust of our customers, we are motivated to redouble our efforts to meet their growing expectations.

We look forward to an increase in orders from our loyal customers and welcome new enthusiasts of the art of Murano jewellery. That's why we're investing in initiatives to further enhance the quality of our creations and maximise customer satisfaction.

Our aim remains the same: to offer Murano jewellery of exceptional quality at competitive prices. We are committed to preserving the artistic integrity of our creations while making them accessible to those who seek exclusivity without compromising their budget.

We invite you to join us in this new phase of our adventure in 2024. Whether you are a loyal fan of our Murano jewellery or discovering our collection for the first time, rest assured that our commitment to excellence remains intact. With the brilliance of Murano pearls, we are ready to illuminate your world in an even more exceptional way. Thank you for being part of this entrepreneurial story.

Yours sincerely

The Suntradition team